Love Drugs : A Cognitive Perspective Essay

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Love Drugs: A Cognitive Perspective In relationships, emotions take hold in almost every way, sometimes, we even lose sight of our brains in favor of our hearts. But what if we completely lost the ability to follow both our hearts and our brains? Recent science has debated on whether or not “love drugs,” drugs that can be used to keep people together or separate them, should be used in relationships. Some argue that these drugs could be used to keep families together or end abusive relationships. However, from a cognitive psychology perspective, these “love drugs” would essentially defeat our choices in relationships and remove the ways in which we process information and how that influences our behavior. One of the most important points to make against “love drugs” is that these drugs could be abused in one way or another. Our cognitive processes might tell us that we want to find an easy way out of our problems or a quick fix to our pains, but that will ultimately get rid of these cognitive processes altogether. After considering the pain of a loveless relationship or a devastating breakup, we may want to act on these thoughts by turning to love drugs, yet, as mentioned by Ross Andersen (2013) in his article “The Case for Using Drugs to Enhance Our Relationships (and Our Break-Ups),” “even great and seemingly unbearable suffering can impart unforeseeably important lessons, and that people should be very careful about turning to drugs to solve their problems or dull their…

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