Romeo And Juliet: True Love

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Romeo and Juliet Essay Did you know that there is a divorce every 36 seconds in the United States of America, which adds up to about 876,000 divorces a year (Irvin)? That statistic shows that many people who marry may not be in love. In Romeo and Juliet, readers tend to think that Romeo and Juliet are two young kids who fell in love, but that is inaccurate. There are many ideas that add up to one being in love, it does not just come overnight. Love comes with many emotional components, and being in love doesn't mean liking one another for physical beauty either. True love is a feeling of being connected unconditionally. Based on this definition Romeo and Juliet are not in love. One way true love may be discounted in Romeo and Juliet’s relationship is that marriage may …show more content…
That could mean in public and around family too. Romeo mentioned he would do whatever it took to win over Juliet’s love, but he doesn’t express it in any way. If you truly love someone you would talk about them no matter what the costs are. Romeo never said anything about Juliet to Benvolio or Mercutio they both thought he was still in love with Rosaline. Mercutio says, “Why, that same pale hard-headed wench, that Rosaline, Torments him so, that he will sure run mad” (2.4. 4-6). Romeo does not mention his love towards Juliet at all, even to his best friends. If Romeo was truly in love with Juliet he would have told someone and wouldn’t have cared what they would have said. Romeo would have proclaimed his love for her at their wedding by telling people to come and be there. Romeo did not show any sign of being in love, he didn’t tell anyone about his new found romance, he didn’t show up to be with Juliet on their wedding night, he even killed Juliet’s cousin. That is not love. Love means telling your significant other the truth and not keeping your feelings inside all of the time. Selfishness does not show love by any

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