Love : An Idea Or An Emotion? Essay

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Love: An idea or an emotion? What is a concept? Look up the definition in the dictionary or online it will say it is an abstract idea. A simplified definition would be a person 's understanding of a specific idea. Their are endless amounts of concepts in the world, be that as it may this essay will focus on the concept of love. Love as in the romantic form, and even more specifically, is love an emotion or is it just an idea. Everyone has loved someone or at least believed that they have loved someone during at least one point in their life or another. However; love does not come naturally, loving somebody is a choice that a person has to work for. Some examples that show why love is not a feeling are the amount of times a person says their in love but they really are not, the fact that arranged marriages work, and also the fact that no relationship is perfect no matter how hard someone may try. If love was a feeling then a person would not be able to fall in and out of it so quickly, not to mention the amount of times people say they love someone in their lifetime. “Love at first sight that sends shivers down your spine is a fairy tale, and it doesn 't last forever” (Wade, 2014). Their is no such thing as being truly in love with someone, love begins with an infatuation and after time as that dies away a person has to make the decision to either keep working at the relationship or just give up. Francine and Byron Pirola (2012) said “Even when the feelings of…

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