Lost Keys, And Driving Cars Essay

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Lost Keys, and Driving Cars By the age of 10 I had not driven a car yet, but one day that changed. I was about to learn a very important lesson that day, although when i woke up I had no idea what would happen to me that day. It started out like any other day. I woke up late, after hitting the snooze button on my iPod a few times, to the sound of journey’s Any Way You Want It. I rushed out of bed, ran upstairs, and was greeted warmly by my mother. “Remember to take the keys and warm the vehicle up. It got frosted over last night and I need to get school early.”
“Okay mom,” I said.
Suddenly, a wave of hunger rushed over me. I walked over to the freezer, opened it, and scanned it for a few seconds, the way teens always do. “There’s no food mom,” I said.
“Eat some toast” She replied.
I opened up the freezer again and pulled out a loaf of toast. Remembering the frosted car I rushed into my mom 's room, pulling out her red purse from the armoire. After pulling the purse out, i rummaged through receipts, makeup, and other miscellaneous cards, until I found the keys to our, white, 2000, Ford Expedition. I pulled out my iPod and checked time, I had to hurry now, there was only ten minutes left before my mom had to leave to school. Thankfully, I did not have school today, it was friday and I never had school on Fridays.
I rushed to the shoe box and slipped on my tenny’s. Out the back door i went, and to the car I was. As i stuck the keys into the car to unlock it the bitterness…

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