Lori Grimes Is The Wife Of Rick Grimes Essay

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Lori Grimes is the wife of Rick Grimes and the mother of Carl Grimes in The Walking Dead. Lori is a wife and a mother who has been thrown into a world of chaos. What’s a mother to do, she already lost her husband who is presumed to be dead and now she only has one thing on her mind and that’s to protect her son Carl from the living dead. Lori and her family are originally from a small town in Georgia; like most of the people in The Walking Dead they traveled to Atlanta for shelter and safety.
We first hear of Lori when Rick and his best friend Shane, who also happens to be a sheriffs duty with Rick, discuss how he and Lori are having problems. Lori is described to say many harsh things to Rick, because of how she felt uncared for, questioning Rick’s love for her and their son Carl. Lori can be described as independent and selfless mainly because of how compassionate she can be when it came to helping people. Like mainly of the characters in The Walking Dead Lori goes through many changes. First she lost her husband which then forces Lori to adapt to a world where Zombies exists without her husband’s help and protection. With only her son Carl as a motivation to keep her going and living in the apocalyptic world. Second Lori changes her perspectives and lean on someone she never thought of for emotional and physical help. Lastly there are no rules in a Zombie infested world but to fight and survive.
Lori may be seen as a weak character mainly because of how careless she was…

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