Lord Of The Flies Disobedience Analysis

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Lord of the flies, a realistic/dystopian novel written by William Golding follows a group of boys that have been stranded on an island after a horrific airplane crash which killed all adults. The boys are left to survive on their own on an uncharted island, and form a sense of society - however as the novel progresses, the boys will realize that society can be torn apart by the desire and struggle for power.

The protagonist, Ralph, is one of the few British schoolboys who survived a chilling plane crash during an unnamed time of war. He meets a some boys who also survived the crash - Piggy, a pudgy yet intelligent boy and Jack, an aggressive boy who strives to be the head of the ‘pack’. Together, the boys try and survive on this uncharted
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I honestly don’t know. He got really angry and made us tie Wilfred up. He’s been - he giggled excitedly - He’s been tied up for hours, waiting -!! (159).

Throughout the novel, the boys not only desire power - but struggle for it. This line shows that society has taken a turn - According to Jack, obedience will be rewarded and disobedience will be punished. Jack has set an example with Wilfred, with his power and his rage. Jack and Ralph are two extremely different leaders. Jack is the leader, ‘of the people’ and Ralph is the leader, ‘for the people’. Jack is ‘brainwashing’ the boys, is gaining more and more power by doing whatever he wants on the boys in his tribe, while Ralph is struggling to retain his power.

During the time the boys take to get power, society starts to get torn apart. Throughout the book, the boys repeat one thing as a ‘whole group’ which is: “kill the beast! Cut his throat! Spill his blood! (152) This chant is a slogan which indicates their increase in violence, and inhumanity the longer they stay on the island. When they turn against each other, their society further

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