Lord Of The Flies By William Golding Essay

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What is right? What is wrong? Mankind is very diverse in its opinions on how one should live their life. This is because there are many different people in this world, and with each person comes a different set of ideals, morals, and overall perspective on life. Lord of the Flies is no different, each character in the book possess a different aspect of humanity and throughout the book shows how even people who are all in the same “boat” can have completely different perspectives and morals. Ralph represents a leader and the struggle between good and evil, Jack and Simon represent evil and good, and Piggy represents intelligence and civilization. Individually these characteristics only represent themselves. But when you put them all together it creates a problem, it creates humanity.
You could argue that Ralph is the main character in Lord of the Flies; from the start he is chosen to be the leader of the group, and as the leader he goes through the struggle of staying bnkl; while he sees most of the other boys on the island turn to savagery. Throughout the book Ralph tries to prioritize the needs of the group above his own selfish desires. For example Ralph builds the huts even though he dislikes the work, unlike the other boys who go off to play whenever they don’t feel like doing important tasks. This is shown when Ralph says “And I work all day with nothing but Simon and you come back and don’t even notice the huts!”(75) Even though the others do not appreciate his work,…

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