Lord Of The Flies By William Golding Essay

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Civilians in society want to always be part of a group and fit in, no one wants to be socially awkward, and sometimes people are ready to give up their true beliefs just to side with the masses. In the world, humans are always trying to live up to the status quo, by following new trends and practicing what powerful influences are preaching. Lord of the Flies by William Golding demonstrated this ideology as early as 1954. The book shows that people tend to be very flexible, they can change their principles based on what others that have gained leadership are saying. Human behavior is affected both mentally and emotionally by the desire and fear of fitting in. Due to that strong lure to fit in, people may change themselves entirely, just to be accepted into society. In Lord of the Flies a plane crashes on an island in which some kids are able to survive, and decide to temporarily live on the island. After the realization that there was no adult supervision, the top tier leaders Ralph and Jack start taking matters into their own hands. The rest of the boys, bow down to their command. Jack and Ralph start coming up with rules to create a peaceful island, after some conflict arises Jack manages to gain full control of the boy’s lives. Golding has created the character Jack as a way to represent that fitting in is an obsession, and people are ready to go to the extremes to try and be accepted into society. As said in Lord of the Flies: Fable, Myth, and Fiction, “The theme is an…

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