Essay about Lord Of A Democratic Leader

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To continue, Golding presents a democracy through Ralph by how he was elected as chief, his way of ruling and his priorities. Firstly, Ralph was elected as chief through a vote to see who should be chief. This is extremely important because the main basis of democracy is that the leaders are voted into their position, similar to how Ralph was voted into his position as chief. Ralph was merely picked because of his charisma, and his leadership qualities, similarly to real life democratic elections (assuming there is no corruption). Furthermore, everyone who had wanted to be chief had the chance to be elected, as seen in page 18. This goes to show that Ralph was elected in as chief in a democratic way, and thus is an embodiment of politicians elected through voting. Secondly, Ralph 's way of ruling is extremely similar to that of a democratic leader. In a democratic nation, all citizens have many liberties, such as freedom of speech, which is a policy Ralph introduced. “[Ralph says] 'And another thing. We can 't have everybody talking at once. We 'll have to have 'Hands up ' like at school. ' He [Ralph] held the conch before his face and glanced round the mouth. 'Then I 'll give him the conch. ' ... 'I 'll give the conch to the next person to speak. He can hold it when he 's speaking ' (Golding, p 31)
This taking turns policy can be considered freedom of speech, and is a right extremely common with democratic nations. Furthermore, Ralph confided in…

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