Looking For Alaska By Ralph Waldo Emerson Essay

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Finding Friendship Ralph Waldo Emerson, an influential poet, once said, “The only way to have a friend is to be one” (BrainyQuote). This quote explains how people need to be true friend in order to earn someone else’s friendship. John Green’s novel Looking for Alaska revolves around Miles Halter, the main character, and his social life at his new school. In the beginning of the novel, the theme first appears because the readers can see Miles’ loneliness due to his lack of friends. Next, in the middle of the novel, the readers see the importance of friendship when Miles’ friends stand up against his enemies. Lastly, in the end of the novel, the theme wraps up when Miles’ best friend, Alaska dies. Friendship, the most prominent and recurring theme in Looking for Alaska, develops through the characterization of Miles Halter, and his journey at his new school. In the beginning of the novel, the theme’s first appearance shows that Miles lacks friends, feels lonely, and feels skeptical about making new friends. John Green first exposes the theme when Miles’ parents host a goodbye party for him. No one attends his party, and this shows the readers that Miles lacks true friends. When Miles’ parents ask him why nobody showed up, he tells the reader, “I was more or less forced to invite all of my ‘school friends’… I knew they would not come” (3). Miles explains that he never made real friends, and the readers see his loneliness. This event is the first appearance of the theme:…

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