Looking Back To My Childhood

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Looking back to my childhood I would say the person that positively impacted my life was my uncle. Growing up I was the most closest to my mother 's family side due to several reasons one being language issues since my dad 's family side speak different languages I have a hard time relating to them. Even if I do not get to see my uncle in daily basis every time he came to visit me, he tends to make me feel I was special person just for being myself. Even if he recently passed away due to murder, the person he was continuing to affect me as an individual and also counselor. In this paper, relating to what we learned in play therapy I would describe how my uncle helped me feel understood as child.
Growing up my family had an expectation for
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Few of my friends decided to do racing and when my parents decided to check upon me I was not insight. So my family taught I was missing and everyone starting looking for me, and when I was back home, my mom didn 't care who was around she was yelling in how I should not do that again. At that moment I felt embarrassed because my friends were around to witness that in addition to my family, also I felt angry because she didn 't provide me chance to explain where I was and made conclusion. So after my friends left, I decided to go in the backyard because verbalizing how I felt was not going to make difference with my mom. After few minutes my uncle came to the backyard and sat beside me and the first thing he asked me with calm voice was "Where did you go with your friends?" And I felt like I got chance to express and after I did that he was able to guide me on setting limit like "If you have to go far, just tell someone before you do". I was able to take what he told me to heart and make sure to inform someone before I go, because I sensed his genuine care for me and I followed his limit because rather than saying just do it, he followed what our text book defined ACT when it comes to setting

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