Long Engagement Reflection

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The movie “The Very Long Engagement” takes place during world war one. The movie covers a variety of things, but is mostly about a woman who is on a relentless search for her fiancé who has disappeared from the trenches of the Somme during his time serving in the war. This movie is made to recreate the early 1900s when World War One was in full swing. This movie educates the viewer not only on the things that happen to the men when they are at war, but it also shows the viewer what happens to the families of the people who go to war and what happens to the people who make it home form the war alive. Such as, families who are unable to accept the passing of a family member, as well as men who return from the war with wounds and illness that …show more content…
For instance one thing I learned about the war was that if you tried to mutilate yourself in the war they would sentence you to death which happened to Manech. I also learned that if you had six or more kids they would send you home from the war, which in the movie one of the soldiers who already had five kids attempted to have a sixth so he would not have to go to war. I also learned that some of the soldier who were not supposed to make it back or those who were hiding from superiors do actions they committed during war would switch there tag numbers with other soldiers who had died. Another thing that I learned while watching this movie was that when the generals or officials during the war tried to kill or sentence the soldiers they would hide that information in confidential files and would not share them with the public. My general reaction to all of the information that was acquired by watching the movie was shock and disgust. These reactions were due to the surprising and horrific conditions when the men were at war as well as the brutality of the soldiers on opposing sides as well as the soldiers who are supposed to be on your

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