Logical Argument On The People Of Africa '

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Logical Argument
Link: http://www.savethechildren.org/site/c.8rKLIXMGIpI4E/b.6149699/k.B848/Africa.htm Upon arriving on the web page, one will notice the bolded text first. The clear, red text attracts the reader's attention, “Emergency Alert.” Following the heading, more bolded text is present. It informs the readers of the harsh conditions imposed on the people of Africa. Statistics such as, “worst drought in 70 years “, “nearly 20 million people in Africa in urgent need of food and water”, and “in Nigeria, up to 90,000 children could die this year from severe malnutrition” , appeal to one's logical and emotional side. Logically, people realize the vast amount of people who require assistance and therefore, will be more inclined to act. With an increase in the number of people in need, people will feel like they are
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This colour is often associated with death or negativity and it warns viewers the dangers of distracted driving. In addition, “NOT WORTH IT!” is clearly the point the website is attempting to get across as it contrasts the colour of the background and is in large font. The phrase will invoke distress in the audience as they realize that distracted driving may kill. Moreover, the page provides many facts such as “distracted driving is the second-leading cause of motor vehicle fatalities in B.C.” These facts are not only logical, but also conveys a sense of fear to the readers. Below the facts, the web page provides three external links to different stories on the consequences people faced after distract driving. These stories make an immense impact emotionally because they depict at the idea that distracted driving can ruin lives. These impactful stories are also paired with pictures of the accident and can embed the idea of why people should stop distracted driving. Ultimately, the projected audience will be more aware of distracted driving due to the persuasive techniques

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