Essay about Logic, Not Intuition, And The Existence Of The World

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You may have noticed that in the last few chapters the layers were deconstructed with logic, not intuition. That’s because intuition has an inherent problem. It’s unreliable in stressful situations, and it gets progressively worse the more invested you become.

Logic on the other hand, is simple, it’s clean, and you can build on it. Try building a bridge with intuition, or gut feel alone, and see how long it stands!

Strong, well considered, logic is the foundation of any truth realisation. That’s because your mind must see very clearly that your existing paradigm is wrong. If there is any wiggle room or doubt then your mind will quickly revert to its old ‘brainwashed’ view of the world. But if it can see the undeniable truth, then it will free your intuition to create the final connection with the Source.

Religions and spiritual schools have relied on intuition to unlock the truth of our existence for centuries. And they persist with this approach, even though it has clearly failed to unravel life’s mysteries.

Long ago, a truth realised person probably spent years teaching and explaining how to unravel the mystery. Then gradually, generation after generation, the hard work of logically uncovering the truth was neglected, and the final intuitive leap was focused on more and more.

After all, who wants to hear about the hard work that a sporting hero did to get to the top? People want to hear about the great shots, the lap records, and the highlight reel…

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