Argumentative Essay On Smoking Ban

Ban on smoking
Smoking is something that is somewhat accepted in our current society. Almost all shops sell multiple kinds of tobacco, and smokers are in no way a rare sight. It is so embedded in our society that it is influencing our language. For example can someone be smoking hot. This slang term may soon disappear if a smoking ban starts being embedded into countries laws. We have already seem movement towards such bans, with it becoming illegal to smoke inside in most public places. More and more people is also hostile towards smoking and the effects that come with it. Something that in no way was prevalent in last century. This essay will take basis in three texts, and will thereby discuss whether a smoking ban should become reality in The United Kingdom.
1. The first text is seriously against smoking. The author shows a lot of evidence that support that smoking is bad for you, and how it should be banned. He uses a lot of logos in his text, since he pulls out one statistic
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I think that the society has a giant responsibility to teach people about the dangers of smoking. Especially young people who does not recognise how dumb it is to start and whom still relies on other people to pay for their unhealthy habits. This is something that is more societies fault than it is the governments. Even though the government has made laws that should make it illegal for people below 18 years to buy cigarettes, then the harsh truth is that no store will stop a smoker from buying a pack. Because if he does not sell the pack someone else will. In addition, the storeowner loses the revenue he elsewise would have gained from the cigarettes. I think that society as a whole should change, so that young children will not start smoking. The government should also become more hostile towards ship-owners who break the law and sell cigarettes to minors. However I do not think that the government should have to intervene in order to stop adults from choosing whether to smoke or

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