Lockheed Martin Organizational Environment Essay

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Organizational Culture and Environment
As one of the only major defense contractors, one would think that Lockheed Martin has a different organizational culture and environment than most companies, but in reality they run like any company would but in a unique industry. They specialize in four different business segments including Aeronautics, Space Systems, Electronic Systems, and Integrated Systems and Global Solutions. Their vision statement says, “Powered by Innovation, Guided by Integrity, We Help Our Customers Achieve Their Most Challenging Goals”. (Lockheed Martin, 1) This company works toward maintaining their lead in global security through innovative research and development.
Lockheed Martin’s internal environment is based
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Lockheed’s choice of suppliers must be of the very top quality. Working with 75 different countries, Lockheed states, “We endeavor to treat all suppliers uniformly and fairly. In deciding among competing suppliers, it is our goal to objectively and impartially weigh all facts in making an award decision and to avoid even the appearance of favoritism. We strive to follow established routines and procedures in the procurement of all goods and services. We strive to make our purchasing decisions on best value, which may include factors such as price, quality and delivery.” (Lockheed Martin, 1) They run off of a supplier dependent relationship which gives them the privilege of diversified products when choosing within their goals. However, this makes the supplier database very complicated. “With more than 35 shipping and receiving facilities along with more than 1,000 suppliers, Lockheed Martin is constantly looking for solutions to help manage and optimize their complex distribution environment.” (Reuters, 1) As for the affect of technology advancements, Lockheed surpasses almost every company in the world in the importance of technology innovations. Among the everlasting list of amazing technology advancements, two of them took the spotlight when researching Lockheed’s environment. One of them is the use of Global Visualization Services, also known as “Global Vise”. In an

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