Lockheed : Core Competencies, Key Strengths, And Key Weaknesses

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Milestone 2: Core Competencies, Key Strengths, & Key Weaknesses
Lockheed Martin Corporation is the largest Defense Contractor in the world with $46 billion in net sales in 2015 (10-K, 2016). Has been the prime contractor in many of the Air Forces biggest projects in recent years. No other contractor has been awarded a fighter or attack aircraft contract since 1988.
Market Leading Position. Lockheed Martin is the world’s leader in combat and logistical aircraft, anti-missile systems, maritime surveillance and recon systems, space systems, and unmanned aircraft. In conjunction with providing systems they are also the largest supplier of IT services, system integration, and training to the United States Government. They have delivered 154 F-35 since 2011, and are on schedule to deliver 53 more in 2016 (10-K, p. 5, 2016). These deliveries have gone to the ten different nations that have ordered them (10-K, 2016).
High Order Backlog. Lockheed Martin has a high dollar amount of backlog. These systems that need to be built all but guarantee future sales. These include: 114 F-35, 97 C-130J Super Hercules, 20 F-16 to international customers, 20 C-5 Galaxy, $15.6 billion in Sikorsky products and $4.8 billion from the Information Systems and Global Solutions segment (10-K, p. 10, 2016). This backlog totals $99.6 billion is total value (10-K, p. 10, 2016).
Acquisition Growth Strategy. Through the none organic growth strategy of acquisition Lockheed Martin has continued to…

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