Location-Based Services Essay

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Have you ever wondered where you could find a great happy-hour bar recommended by your closest friends, or how far away you are from the nearest hotel and their website, or the nearest Latin American restaurant while you're on vacation? Location-based services allow you to access this information even when you are miles away from home. These services have a magnitude of uses in social networking, and they are largely accessible through mobile device networks. They use information on the geographical position of a mobile device and enable the user to find the nearest business or service. In addition, the combination of mobile apps and location-based services allows marketers to reach out to their customers to send them more targeted …show more content…
The younger social users have adopted these platforms without hesitation, but enterprises still remain cautious over the adoption of mobile. This will soon change with the increasing amounts of smartphone users, downloaded mobile apps, and the enhancement of hybrid positioning technologies.

Developers are constantly creating new applications and existing companies are creating new and interesting ways to use location-based applications. There is a lot of small competitors out there, and maybe if you combine all those smaller niches from those competitors, there may be a bigger market than the most popular apps.

The future of digital business depends on many factors.

Everyone has a family member or has a friend who has a smartphone that has been used to obtain information about products, services, and places they can visit. Location-based services are used by 74% of smartphone owners, and they are based on the GPS system on users' mobile phones (book). There are different types of location-based services, but they all tie into some type of advertising to allow consumers to explore unchartered territory or get coupons to their favorite store. This is helpful for both the consumer and the business. Some mashups are more popular than others, but the Geographical Information Systems community still has not found the one application that can do it all and that will be so useful that it will be used by all

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