Location Based Advertising : Using The Real World Position Of A Consumer

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Location Based Advertising
Also referred to as hyper-local advertising, location based advertising, is a form of advertising that uses the real world position of a consumer. Once the position of the consumer is identified, relevant ads in terms of services and products, close to the consumer are then delivered. Most people share out data through the various apps installed on their smartphones.
According to a recent study conducted by IAB, location advertising has huge potential going into the future of advertising. For example, you might be standing in front of a coffee shop and using your smartphone. If you have installed a mobile app associated with location-based advertising, an advertiser will use that opportunity to send you an offer, a coupon, or a package related and relevant to that coffee shop. This ad can even be from a coffee shop across the street.
If the ad is well packaged, the consumer will be enticed to move across the street and have coffee at the other coffee shop. This is the how location based works and it is used regularly. It is a powerful and effective tool. Businesses use it to identify consumers who are close to their premises and offer them incentives to attract them to their store.
How Location Based Advertising identifies the position of the consumer
Most of the smartphones produced today for the high-end market; androids, iPhones, Nokia and Blackberry, have GPS chips. The GPS chips reads, interprets signals from space satellites, and…

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