Lm1C Essay

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1). Key aspects of legislation, regulatory requirements and codes of Practice.

Safeguarding children is based on understanding the legislations and regulations. My position as a trainer is to ensure that each delegate develops knowledge and understanding to deliver ethical conduct. I teach relevant legislation and regulations which integrate into working practice to protect the rights of clients and individuals. Training aim is to create safe environments. By introducing knowledge and understand of law. (Health and Safety).
Deliver Company objective to minimise the complications of legal court cases. The compliance to the codes of conduct in my opinion results in the commitment of quality assurance standards of each
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Rewards of delegation identify areas of positive and negative feedback. Proactive plans for better outcomes can be addressed. Staff Performance is based on each individual member's ability within a successful for a productive team. The distribution of workload correctly managed. Recognition important to team’s effort and dedication to their individual roles and responsibilities.
1.Reward the team as a whole. Highlights the meaning of teamwork.
Important to record and chart the progress and outcomes of open - ended meetings:
Go the extra mile when team members need support. Develop the team. Measuring performance relating to each individual. Based on ability to influence other staff members 1. Performance objectives that all the team understand what actions will need to be taken to achieve them. Timescales/financial planning. 2. Open ended meetings to encourage staff to discuss their ideas. Identify any areas I can offer support. Objective a successful outcome. Invite discussions to improve our support services. Encourage staff members to discuss issues to find solutions together. Work towards improving the service. 3. Regular Team meetings Plan charts and timescales. 4. Clear definition of roles and responsibilities. Team leaders roles defined with the share of responsibility. Focus on individual’s contributions result in effective team. 5. Personally explain our policy

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