Llury Carrillo's Article: The Controversial Issue Of Abortion

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A large number of women today are facing the issue unplanned pregnancies. Abortion is one of the most controversial issues in the world today. A pregnant woman has to decide whether to abort, parent or adopt the unborn child. Many issues that are surrounding abortion make it harder for one to make a choice on whether to encourage it or not. Llury Carrillo, the author of the article, “Do you or do you not believe in abortion”, tries to address issues that women face when going through abortion. To agree whether unborn is human author takes the readers through the stages of development of the unborn child and deciding whether the unborn is a person or just a fetus. Among the issues that are considered in the choice of an abortion is whether the …show more content…
Poor, unmarried women and teenage girls are people who are likely to have an abortion. Since the pregnancy is unwanted, if these babies are born, they will be raised in poor conditions. In adulthood, these children are like to have criminal lives. Abortion can be said to help in reducing crime (Carrillo 4). Pregnant mothers should not be forced to keep a baby if they do not want to. Forcing them will be denying them their rights over their bodies trying to protect other rights of the unborn of which we cannot tell who they may become in future. Abortion is a right of a woman, and it should not be seen as a crime. Every woman and any other human being have a right to do whatever they want with their parts of the body. A fetus is a part of human body, and this gives a woman liberty over it. Trying to stop abortion will result to increase in teenage pregnancy and children having children. It will also force people to go for abortion from unauthorized specialists who may cause serious health issues or death. This issue of abortion is a moral argument; everybody is allowed to have opinion and interpretation on it (Carrillo 5). Those who see it as moral should have the proper means of doing it; those who see it wicked should not do it. However, every decision made on abortion has its effects either on the mother or the unborn. Raising a child requires an economic, social and financially stable environment. If a person feels she is not able to provide this environment, should have a right to abortion. It could be worse to bring up the child in a destructive environment that cannot even provide for his or her needs. Abortion is a right not murder as a fetus has no rights until it is

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