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Living Apart Together 1. Explain what ”Living Apart Together” is, and give an outline of the different views presented in texts 2 and 3.
“Living Apart Together” is a new trend and term that describes couples, who have a relationship without living together, but lives in separate homes. They have committed themself to share their lives, but only to a point. This could probably be one way to enhance the amount of novelty or excitement in a couple’s relationship. By choosing to live apart is it not that monotonous and tedious and this is a suggestion to help up couples to regain some of the sparkle in their relationship. This term is also abbreviated to “LAT”.
Text 2 describes “LAT” as a new trend for family life. It says that this
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The new trend “LAT” started in Netherland, and has spread worldwide. Almost 50 % of young couples in Europe use “LAT”. In Italy over 3 million married couples live in separate homes. The habiting of “LAT” has changed dynamic and experts say that within 10 years “LAT” will be even more popular. Text 3 uses logos to argue for LAT: “Current statistics say that today the average age of women is 83 years old and that of men is 76.” (l.32). When the average age is getting higher, then “What’s the rush?”(l.33).

2. Text 3 is a personal comment. How is that reflected in its tone and style? Give examples from the text.
Text 3 is written by a subjective narrator. We can see that in many different ways in the text. For example: when he uses questions to reflect his frustrations and incomprehensible to the LAT “What happened to getting married and living happily ever after?”(l.16), especially this extract shows his frustration to LAT, and he doesn’t understand why people aren’t able to live together and does real love still exist? He describes himself as a person, who isn’t pessimistic: “I’m looking at the glass half full”(l.34) and he says that some people aren’t that good at thing like “compromise, negotiation, and/or commitment”(l.35).
In the end he compares this situation to his own life, and acknowledge and accept that sometimes can marriage and the commitment be difficult and rough, but “I kind of enjoy waking up in the morning and seeing my spouse happily

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