Liver Disease ( Autoimmune Hepatitis ) Essay

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Liver Failure: Liver Disease (Autoimmune Hepatitis)
According to research, Liver failure patients experience chronic problems and accrue long term problems. Liver failure is an inflammation or a very un-normal function that occurs within weeks or days. (Clinic 15) There are various symptoms of this disease. Some symptoms can be known as swelling in your body such as in your feet, and hands. Another symptom is very unusual dark urine, loss of appetite, abdominal pain. The main symptom is known to be jaundice. Jaundice is the yellowing of your skin, eyes, or anywhere that is a part of your body. Risk factors are the number one common factors of increasing your chance to either get this disease or make it worst. The number one risk factor is heavy alcohol use. Those who are alcoholic’s or who drink alcohol on a daily basis is 78% more likely to get it. (Clinic 15) Tattoo, Piercings, Injecting drugs is three other risk factors in your life. When you have tattoos ink it’s known to be injected into your blood and could cause blood poisoning, which could increase the chance of your blood infecting your liver. The same thing goes for piercing’s. Piercings are used with metal and most of the time the metal isn’t sterilized or cleaned which deprives your body to not been healthy and get infected. Especially injecting drugs could harm your liver or any other organ, or even worse it could kill you. There have been a very extreme wide amount of causes of Liver Failure. Some causes are…

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