Essay about Literature Review: Expectancy Theory

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Running Head: Vroom’s Expectancy theory

Literature Review:
Vroom’s Expectancy theory

Literature review:
Pavel Smirnov
Vroom’s Expectancy theory
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Advanced Writing Skills, GEN 2133
Date 07.04.2013

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Literature review

The expectancy theory of motivation has become an increasingly popular model for predicting work performance and job preference. The empirical tests of this model have typically employed correlation analysis to
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This paper has addressed expectancy theory because it is the dominant way of thinking about the process of work motivation. It has not, however, been concerned with the total theory; instead, it deals with the theory in terms of the underlying assumptions which must hold if the theory is to be considered viable. Seven of these assumptions are identified, plus two additional ones which concern crucial areas of decision making in which expectancy theorists are silent. The evidence cited is not encouraging. For the most part, it indicates that individual decisions are made using processes that routinely violate the necessary premises; thus, it is difficult to accept expectancy theory, at least as presently formulated, as a viable explanation of the processes through which individuals come to decide on the specific amounts of effort they will expend in their work. The evidence we have presented is not conclusive, since it is derived primarily from studies of general decision-making processes. We believe, however, that the processes through which individuals select work effort levels are a subset of these general decision processes; therefore, the analogies are generally appropriate. The traditional palliative, "further research is needed" is appropriate in order to determine the extent to which this belief is accurate. Further research, which will test the validity of the postulates in more realistic, work-related situations,

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