Literacy Narrative Of The Magic Treehouse Essay

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Literacy Narrative When you look up the word “literate”, the definition is the ability to read and write. Literacy is so much more than this. Literacy is not only about reading and writing but also being able to comprehend all kinds of written information. Literacy is a very important aspect of the lives that we live today. I believe that literacy is the backbone of my ability to learn and function in this world. It has been important since my very first day at school and will continue to be all of my life. I started school at a very young age with very little literacy and all my experience had been from picking up what my parents read to me in story books. First I was intrigued by the pictures but soon the actual story began to take center stage. I quickly learned that words created a better picture than the ones they provided in the book. Words seem to make my imagination grow. I remember reading The Magic Treehouse series where the kids could read a book in their treehouse and end up in the time and setting of that actual book. Because of starting school so early I feel that I benefitted from the early exposure to books and stories. Now this makes me feel that I have a stronger understanding and that I can easily read and comprehend complicated and difficult pieces. But it wasn’t until my first year at middle school that reading could be an escape to a much desired land. One Middle school can be tough for anyone. It is a time to find yourself and figure out what…

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