Literacy Is The Foundation Of Education Essay

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Literacy is the foundation of education. Most individuals have narrow definitions of literacy, but the definition of literacy should be much broader than merely “possessing the abilities to read and write.” Without the abilities to read and write, I would have an altered view of the world that I live in and the people whom I share it with. Additionally, I would not be able to recognize numbers in order to master mathematical concepts, accurately read a recipe to determine which ingredients are required and how much of those ingredients are needed, or adequately comprehend the directions necessary to complete a particular task. Therefore, if I lacked my current literacies, I would furthermore lack the ability to complete several of my everyday responsibilities. The processes of learning how to read and write were difficult for me. However, my persistent work to improve upon these skills have allowed me to pursue higher education. I still recall my assigned reading circle in kindergarten. Mrs. Qualls was an extremely kind, gentle, and compassionate woman who was entirely devoted to her calling: teaching. As a method of developing our literacies, she would divide us into small groups to practice reading aloud in a more relaxed environment. We would be instructed to drag our chairs to our reading group’s determined meeting place. I can still imagine dozens of chair legs scraping along the floor; I absolutely despised that sound. However, soon enough the chaotic sounds were…

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