Importance Of Assessment Literate

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Register to read the introduction… Teachers need to be ‘able to transform expectations into assessment exercises and scoring procedures’ (Stiggins as cited in McMillan, 2007, p. 17), enabling an accurate account of students’ abilities and, to communicated this information to students and stakeholders. In becoming assessment literate, education professionals will be able to ‘transform assessment into a form of teaching’, as well as, being able to ‘educate those in the general public, media, and policymaking positions who blindly accept the validity of any test for any purpose’ (Scherer, 2009, p. 5).

Therefore, assessment becomes a teaching tool and takes into consideration both cognitive and constructivist theories. These theories look to engage and motivate students in their learning experiences. Scherer’s (2009) article supports assessment as a teaching tool by encouraging student involvement in all facets of assessment design and implementation. Students’ who participate will have a clearer understanding of learning goals and instructional
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19) the concept of assessment ‘for learning, not just of learning’ (Scherer, 2009) is paramount. This means that standardised testing alone does not give an accurate view of a school or student’s true abilities or progress.

For quality assessments to exist, not one assessment tool acts alone. Creating a balance between ‘assessment for learning’ and ‘assessment of learning’ (McMillan, 2007) will be the key to a student’s success. As Scherer (2009) states, ‘let’s make testing serve teaching instead of the other way around’ (p. 5).


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TOPIC TWO: Key points and analysis of the Foreman readings

Key Points for Literacy

* Early Detection * Confidence and Motivation * Learning process must be meaningful * Reading

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