The Importance Of Professional Development In The Classroom

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The objective of this 30 minute professional development workshop is to inform pre-service undergraduate teachers of useful strategies and interventions that may be useful in their classrooms. The intended goal is to provide research-based assessment strategies that will improve literacy proficiency in their students. Teacher preparation programs teach theory therefore, the teachers do not have the hands-on experience they need. By having this workshop and future workshops to keep teachers up-to-date will enhance their teaching experience. During this workshop, I will attempt to address common fallacies of literacy assessments such as all students must be fluent readers, if a student can read he/she can comprehend and students can benefit …show more content…
Crossword puzzles, Word jumbles, Scrabble
• Word Wall in the classroom
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The Purpose and Benefits of Assessment
The purpose of effective reading instruction to promote literacy growth, first new teachers need to know students’ literacy strengths and weaknesses. All students do not learn the same way, meaning, students come into the classroom with diverse backgrounds, whether being a strong, struggling, reluctant, or ELL student. Therefore, creating reading instruction that is tailored to the individual needs are important. Through initial and ongoing assessment, the student’s needs can be met.
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Get Parents Involved!
• In the beginning of the school year, ask parents to fill out a questionnaire about their child.
– Have parents describe areas in which they would like to see their child improve.
– Have parents describe their child 's personality and interests.
• Parents can get involved at home by reading with their children and helping with homework.
• Have monthly parent literacy meetings and workshops. Encourage parents of ELL students to become active as well.
• Parents are the most important factor in a child 's education, please involve parents as much as
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The student will memorize 10-20 words, the activities will include writing words 3x’s each, sentences, alphabetical order, etc. Then the student will be tested at the end of the week and given new words the following week without ever revisiting the prior words. Giving the students vocabulary that he/she can relate to and use in their everyday vocabulary is something you would want to do. This is a way of expanding their vocabulary. Have the students create word journals or create word walls in the classroom. This way the student will not forget the

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