Literacy Is The Best Practices Of Literacy Essay

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Literacy teams have a large impact on the literacy vision and implementation within a school. Therefore, the individuals on the literacy team are of the utmost importance. It is vital to include a variety of stakeholders when creating a literacy team. In order to reach a collaborative vision of literacy, the team will need a clear focus that is also shared. Prior to creating your team one would want to meet with the administration to develop a clear and concise job description and expectations of the literacy team; the main objective is providing all students with the best practices of literacy instruction. After determining the school districts vision of a literacy team, one would then go about finding the members. I feel that if your literacy team is too small or too big you wouldn’t be able to better meet the literacy needs. It is similar to Goldilocks; you need to find that just right number. Therefore, the team members I would choose for a literacy team are as follows: the reading specialist, ESOL teacher, counselor, and librarian. I feel that these people would bring great ideas to our group. I would also encourage a teacher from lower school, upper school, and middle school to participate in our literacy team. My rationale for my literacy team is as follows: the librarian is an expert in their area. They are aware of the books and resources in the school as well as books that students like. They are also a big factor in the creation of a leveled school library…

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