Listening And Music Of Music Essay

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It is almost impossible to imagine our way of modern life without any music. There are so many ways for us to hear music, such as listening to the radio, go to concerts or play a musical instrument ourselves. According to the Dutch Radio Advice Bureau, 60 percent of the Dutch population owns and listens to their own radio installation and 66 percent listens to the radio in the car (Dutch Cowboys, 2013). These numbers show that music, indeed, is involved in a lot of people’s lives. On top of that, it has been proven that listening to music is an effective mood enhancer (Radstaak, Geurts, Brosschot, & Kompier, 2014).
Besides the improved mood one might get from hearing music, listening to music can also improve our memory (Dowling & Tillman, 2013). Before music is stored in our memory, it must be processed and categorized in order for us to recall it later. There seems to be a specialized music module that helps us processing the music. Support for the existence of this module comes from people with selective impairments in music abilities after brain damage (Peretz & Coltheart, 2003). They might be able to recognize the lyrics of a song, even though they are unable to recognize the melody that usually goes along with the lyrics and vice versa. Therefore, Peretz and Coltheart (2003) have set up a modular model of music processing, which suggests that the musical input is organized into two parallel and largely independent subsystems: pitch organization and temporal…

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