Lionel Dahmer: A Serial Killer

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Americans seem to have a sick fascination with the sick and demented, and dark and morbid. For many, it is explained like “watching a train wreck, but not being able to look away”, while others just seem to find it fascinating. There have been many serial killers, who have become notorious for the ways in which they murdered their victims, and the ways that they were portrayed in the media of that time. When asked to name serial killers that are well known, names like Bundy and Dahmer seem to be the ones that are remembered. Dahmer was born Jeffery Lionel Dahmer, May 21, 1960 in the town of West Allis, Wisconsin. To many he seemed to have a “normal” childhood, but in adolescents he started to become withdrawn and showing little to no interest in social interactions except for his dead animal hobby and drinking heavily. The drinking continued after high school and even into his forced and short lived enlistment in the Army. He was discharged due to his drinking problem. After returning, he moved to …show more content…
For the organized section, he had control of his victims, they were basically lobotomized to be zombie sex slaves. Along with this he demanded submission from his victims. He was of average intelligence given the fact that he had graduated high school. When he was picking up some of the guys at the gay bar alcohol was involved and a few times he even drugged the victim’s drinks. At one point, he was living with his grandmother while he was killing, but majority of the murders were committed when he lived alone. For his disorganized part, most of the time he was living alone and his apartment was the main scene for his murders and “clean up” of the bodies. Because of the fact, he kept body parts and the skulls of his victims and the crime scene was his apartment it gives him another mark in the disorganized

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