Dennis Rader: Serial Killer

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There are many serial killers in the world, but one serial killer who is worth talking about is Dennis Rader. Dennis Rader is also known as the BTK killer or some refer to him as the BTK strangler. Rader gave himself these nicknames in a letter he sent to the police and local news outlets. BTK stands for “blind, torture, and kill” and this is what he typically did to his victims. Dennis Rader murdered 10 people between the 1970’s and the 1990’s. He committed these awful crimes around the Wichita, Kansas area. Police and local news outlets knew about Dennis Rader because he sent them detailed letters of what he did to his victims to them. After 1991, Dennis Rader decided to take a break from sending letters, but he continued to send letters …show more content…
Stalking many different people at a time was Dennis Rader’s preference. He liked to choose victims based on certain fantasizes he enjoyed and was having at the time. Dennis Rader had organized a “hit kit” as he liked to call it, which included the equipment he would use on the victims. It even contained the clothes that he would wear while committing the crimes, and he would get rid of the clothing after he was finished. (Blanco, n.d.).
He liked taking photos of his victims and the photos would typically be of the victims all tied up in different positions, which is known as bondage. In one case, Rader killed Marine Hedge and he decided to then take photographs of her after he had killed her. After killing Marine Hedge, Dennis Rader stripped and tied her up in different positions. Afterwards, he took more take photographs of the victim, before hiding Marine Hedge’s body in a ditch. Marine Hedge was murdered in 1985. (Blanco,
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Rader fit both the serial killer and the psychopath; it was interesting to see how Rader came to be because of that. Dennis Rader was able to maintain a normal life outside of his killings. Professor Wilson believes that Rader did not fit the typical serial killer pattern. Rader killed an entire family as his first victims. Normally, serial killers start small and have had violent fantasies which would turn into reality overtime. Rader showed control over his first victims; other serial killers tend to show sloppiness which usually makes the serial killers leave behind some evidence for the police. (Wilson,

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