Lincoln Essay

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Gabriel Rodriguez
Professor Kimpel
December 4, 2011
SOC 209 In Cornel West’s book “Race Matters” he discusses a few themes and gives his readers on thoughts on African Americans in society. He also speaks out on issues that he believes are very important to black America such as Nihilism, his views and the views of Liberal Structuralists and the conservative behaviorists, and the crisis of no leadership in black America. These to me are the important themes that need to be shown in order for there to be change in society. Before one goes into the views of the two comps and leadership issue one must understand the importance of Nihilism. Nihilism in definition is the total rejection of laws and institutions already established.
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Yes that African Americans are still hurting scars due to white supremacy that in the past used to be all that was known, but with love and care for others there needs to be debate and analysis. People can’t be working to solve an issue if they don’t have the foundation to work on if they don’t know how and why this was able to happen. People need to know that the long reign of white supremacy has left a giant mark, that people now have no value for others and more importantly themselves. West believes that encouraging love will bring up the value someone has for themselves and others, will bring political change to someone’s community but not if people don’t understand the problem at hand or don’t see the other side. The political view of the Liberal Structuralists and the conservative behaviorists, also are very important as to change in society. The structuralist’s focus more on the constraints of the life chances black people have and the economy and politics while the other focus more on black mobility. Those in the first camp want full employment, health, education and child care program, and broad affirmative practices. While the other wants to promote self-help programs, black business expansion and non-preferential job practices. West’s continues on stating that these two groups are inseparable due to that institution and values go hand in hand. He also continues that these two groups fail to

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