The Declaration Of Independence And The Constitution Essay

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The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution are both two important documents that highlight the rights of human beings. When these documents were written they took into account of all humans, regardless of race and religion. The Declaration of Independent discussed the rights that every man was created equal under God, the people, and the government. The Constitution contains many amendments and acts that guaranteed the rights to African Americans. Although these important documents were in play throughout society, many conflicts still occurred. One very important one is the Civil War, this event occurred due to southern opposing liberty for all and the rebellion against Abraham Lincoln becoming president. This then crated the War of the Union, but many events relating to inequality led up to this big blow out and Reconstruction. The Reconstruction occurred due to the belief it can bring equality and liberty to the people. In this period of time the North and South were still debating on the laws that they wanted within their states. This caused conflicts among the union, people, and future leaders when it came to what’s the best for the government and state individually. This created the war between the union because of the opposing thoughts on the treatment of the people. More specifically the way African Americans were to be viewed and considered under the law. They didn’t get their equal rights and many states and leaders disagreed in their mistreatment.…

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