The Causes Of The Civil War

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The civil war started on April 12, 1861 and ended on May 9, 1865, and was fought between the North and the South. The war originally started because the North didn’t think the South should be able to secede from the Union. The North believed that once you were in the Union, you was not to leave. The South wanted to leave the Union because the federal government (Abraham Lincoln) was getting close to abolishing slavery altogether and the South wanted to keep their slaves. As time went on, the reasoning for war between the two sides soon changed. Their new reasoning to keep fighting was slavery.
The government was still new and the laws and constitution weren’t finalized. Debates concerning the role of the federal government, rights of the state 's, nature of the Union, and the republican party occurred. Abraham Lincoln was an accepting republican nomination for the US senator (Doc. M). Lincoln caused lots of problems between the North and South. Before Lincoln, there wasn’t much of a republican party, causing controversy and and the division of America. The South’s proposal to secede didn’t go good in the eyes of Lincoln and the North. The South believed that they had the right to secede at any point they wanted (Doc. E). And that is how the Civil War began. Lincoln fought that the South didn’t have the power constitutionally to secede (Doc. F). He believed that they would never be able to create enough income to support themselves without the North to use their machinery to process and distribute their
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With this image in their mind and the fighting in their eyes, many went West to try and start a new life without slaves, and without drama between the two sides. Hinton Helper stated in The Impending Crisis of the

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