Lincoln Electric Company 's Vision Essay

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Lincoln Electric

Lincoln Electric is a global manufacturer of high quality welding materials. The company was funded in 1985 by John C. Lincoln, and later, in 1907, his younger brother James F. Lincoln joined him and together they created the company that now we know as Lincoln Electric. Today, it has 40 manufacturing locations in 19 countries, and distributions in 160 countries. It currently employs more than 9,000 workers worldwide.

The company’s vision states “We will distinguish ourselves through an unwavering commitment to our employees and a relentless drive to maximize shareholder value” (Lincoln Electric, 2016). They have created a policy where the customer is first, the employee second, and stakeholders are last place. According to the company’s beliefs, the customer satisfaction is more important than anything, and this can achieved through employees’ productivity and performance, therefore, Lincoln Electrical has set up a system where employees are rewarded according to their performance.

Lincoln Electrical has a flat organizational structure where a production worker only has two to three layers separating them from the top managers. Usually, a production manager has around 100 workers under their supervision. This few layers of management separating them from the top management, has given employees the opportunity to interact with the executive managers. Most of the employees interviewed for the case study claim to have met the company’s CEO, and also,…

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