Lincoln Electric, A Long Standing, Successful Company Essay

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Lincoln Electric is a long-standing, successful company. In business for 120 years, they make welders, electrodes and welding accessories. They operate worldwide, and their sales offices cover more than 160 countries. The company was originally founded in 1895 by John C. Lincoln to make electric motors he had patented. In 1907, he brought on his younger brother, James F. Lincoln, who began leading the company according to his ideals in 1914 as both General Manager and Vice President. Christian ideals were the cornerstone of James Lincoln 's business philosophy, but these were his personal beliefs, and never tried to push them onto his employees or his customers. Mr. Lincoln had a definite plan as far as who was important regarding decision-making. Customers came first, then employees, and finally, stock holders. The company 's goal was to make a high-quality product at a low cost. In order to keep costs at a minimum, the entire manufacturing process is streamlined, offices are not fancy, and production is high. While at first glance, Lincoln Electric would appear to be an Outcome-Oriented culture, on deeper reading, it becomes clear that the company takes many of the good points from a few types of organisational cultures to create their own. For example, as an Outcome-Oriented culture, Lincoln Electric pays its employees by piecework. High production gets high reward. A portion of company profit is given to employees as bonuses. For many years, this has…

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