Essay on Like Water For Chocolate By Laura Esquivel

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In Laura Esquivel’s mystical novel Like Water For Chocolate, food plays an incredibly prominent role. Food acts not only as a common theme that ties all the characters’ lives together, but also as a way for Tita, the central character, to convey her sometimes pent-up emotions to the rest of the world. The effects of her food on those who eat it are often fantastical and unrealistically intense; this is an example of magical realism, a literary style characterized by the inclusion of impossible events in an otherwise realistic setting. By employing magical realism to make specific sentiments more prominent, Esquivel successfully communicates the role of food in Tita’s life as a carrier of emotion. One of Tita’s first contributions to a family recipe is her help in preparing the Chabela wedding cake for the marriage of her seemingly erstwhile lover Pedro to her sister Rosaura. Triggered by agony over this unjust theft of love by family tradition, a few of Tita’s tears fall into the cake’s icing and change the consistency without Tita revealing anything about their meaning (Esquivel 35). The first example of magical realism follows soon after, when the wedding guests consume the tainted cake and experience a remarkable sensation. Anguish and despondency descend over the crowd, causing feelings of woe and sorrow to seize the guests in “a strange intoxication” characterized by weeping and “an acute attack of pain and frustration” that eventually results in everyone spewing vomit…

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