Essay Like Water For Chocolate By Laura Esquivel Magical Realism

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The Answer is Always Magical Realism
Magical realism allows one to get to the heart of human emotion and experience it in a new and liberating way. In Like Water for Chocolate magical realism is extremely prominent. Magical realism is normally used in Latin American works and combines the uses magical elements and a real setting. In Like Water for Chocolate magical realism there is a frequent resort to figurative or dream like state. The reader must suspend their disbelief to fully experience the emotions of everyday experiences. In Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel magical realism assists the reader in understanding and exploring the universal experiences of love, rebellion and food.

Rebellion is an universal experience; the Mexican revolution is a prominent background in April and serves as an outlet for Tita to rebel against Mama Elena. As Tita begins to rebel against Mama Elena, the previously clear-cut relationship between them crumbles. In May, Mama Elena’s perfect sausages contain worms,“Mama Elena was always such a perfectionist and so careful to get all the air out of the sausage, no one could explain it when they discovered a week later that all the sausages in the cellar were swarming with worms” (Esquivel 99). Magical realism shows the reader that the relationship has disintegrated after Tita tells Mama Elena that she is sick of obeying her. In October, the ghost of Mama Elena arrives to tell Tita how awful she is, to which Tita responds, “I…

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