Like Water For Chocolate By Laura Esquivel Essay

1495 Words Dec 17th, 2015 6 Pages
How does one describe deep, complex love? In our world we are aware of family love, friends love but the biggest one of all, love for a specific person. Laura Esquivel describes how this love truly is in her magical realism book called "Like Water for Chocolate". Set at a Mexican ranch, main character Tita lives a perplexed life as she tries to figure out which man is for her, Pedro her very first love or John the respectful and kind one. After giving enough time to think it over, she soon realizes that her love is for Pedro, although they had to overcome the many hardships that made their love impossible or difficult to maintain. Laura Esquivel uses the descriptions of characters feelings so she can represent how love can affect someone deeply. With the love Tita and Pedro have for each other, they prove that there is no obstacle too high that deep true love can 't break through and how true love can not be broken but increased over time. Because Pedro favored Tita’s quail sauce because he had a distinct reaction to it, the quail sauce symbolizes how a person should express how they feel about another even if an obstacle is in the way. During chapter 3 where everyone had to sit on the table and enjoy the meal given to them, it was obvious to all it will be a dastardly challenge. Rosaura 's inexperience in cooking brought discomfort to all as she served scorched rice, dried meat, and burnt dessert. With Mama Elena’s watchful eye, it was impossible for anyone to comment on…

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