Essay about Lights, Camera, Action

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Lights, camera, action.

My brother Mitchell jogged slowly out to assume his position on the pitcher 's mound. 25,000 people stared at him from all angles as he threw his final warmup pitches. Millions glued their eyes to the television screen from couches and sports bars around the world.

For six and a third innings, Mitchell pitched his heart out. He gave everything he had and left it all on the field. Sadly, his tremendous effort was not enough to punch the Frogs ' ticket to the National Championship series (yet!). Coastal Carolina successfully forced another game.

Once the dust settled in Omaha last night, the rest of the world shifted their focus elsewhere. The grandstands emptied. Cameras switched off. Televisions tuned to other channels. Yet, the night continued for Mitchell and my family.

In the fight for belief, we needed to personally face defeat. Losing keeps us humble, especially in the national spotlight. It reminds us that we 're human. Thank God it does. Without losses, winning would not be nearly as desirable. And yet, God uses both wins and losses for His glory.

Often quoted as a source of inspiration, I turned to Philippians 4 this morning. As I read the familiar text over again, I recognized how Paul addresses the glory God receives in our failure and brokenness just as much as the glory He receives in our success and prosperity:

"I rejoiced in the Lord greatly that now at length you have revived your concern for me. You were indeed concerned for…

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