Personal Narrative: The Youth Group Core Team

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We have all came across a decision in life or impact that has changed our life for the better or worst. We all have to take it on and be content with the things that are happening because at the end of the day we could be somewhere worst then what we are facing. One impact that had changed my life for the better would have to be that I had got asked to be a part of the core team at youth group. I will tell you how I got asked to join the core team, what I did, and how it impacted my life. My biggest impact in life that changed me for the better would have to being a part of the Youth Group Core Team.
Well I started attending Youth group in 2008 my sixth grade year. I was the only one from Reedley. I didn’t have friends from Dinuba because
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Being able to serve four years as a core team member was amazing I had a lot of experiences from traveling, meeting new people, getting stuck or facing hard times but it was great. My faith only grew stronger because what I as saying or spreading the word of god I was taking it into consideration that I had to be an example and show people that it isn’t easy but with the amount of effort you put in you will get out. I began to realize that when times get rough I couldn’t give up I would have to get myself together and pull throw because I knew that I wasn’t alone. It helped my family out a lot because we as a family became strong. I have ever since the day I got accepted to be a youth leader I love it and wouldn’t change it for anything in the world because I know with god anything is possible. Without attending church on Sunday makes me feel sad and disappointed in myself because I feel that I have times to go out with my friends. I should have an hour to give it god and I try to go to church every Sunday with my family. I will always remember this important impact in my life because I believe that we are put on different paths but we isn’t going through it alone there is the one person standing next to us and he will never

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