Life Is Not Always Immoral And Illegal Essay

774 Words Oct 9th, 2015 4 Pages
Each of us appreciate life in a different way. We value living and being alive. We want to be involved in this universe, we want to love, we want to have a routine, we want to do the best we can, we want to achieve our dreams, and to be successful. Life obviously means that you are existing and involved in this world. You have the capacity to breathe, react, understand, and feel what is around you. It means that your brain is aware of the dilemmas in the world, the difference between the good and the bad. We always search for happiness, relationships, improvements, experience, wealth, stability, and entertainment. Taking a life is not always immoral and illegal. Moreover, there are some circumstances that might allow you to take life. Some of the circumstances are beyond human control, they may force you to do bad things, such as taking life. Self-defense or defending your family’s and friends’s lives is one of the most common cases in which the killing is permissible. Thus, if you are saving another’s life and there is no alternative choice than taking the criminal’s life, you are morally obligated to do so, if you didn 't take the the criminal’s life, you might lose your life. A great example of this would be: Police officers taking the life of person who seems to be dangerous to society or is causing a threat to the police themselves, or the citizens. So, taking a life is justifiable when you are doing it if you are saving someone’s life, not when you are planing to…

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