The Importance Of Culture On Death, And Expectations Of Death

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This is my own personal philosophy paper where I will be talking about views on life, health, illness, attitudes, beliefs related to death and dying, experiences and attitudes towards grief and bereavement, importance of culture on death and dying, and expectations of health professionals. I will talk about how my own life experiences have affected me in each of these categories. Everyone is exposed to different surrounding and situations. Other 's handle situations, or issues in their own way. It is time to see what I have been exposed to and how I have acted upon these issues.
Life, Health, Illness Life is being available for only a limited time on earth. This is an opportunity to make something of oneself. To experience the true meaning
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A loss can occur when an event has a negative outlook or individual involved. This can cause long term changes in social situations, relationships, and views on life. Many people mourn over a
loss. When I lose someone I become very emotional and my mourning process takes awhile until I accept the fact that someone is really gone. When my grandfather died tragically in a train accident I found myself feeling lost and mourning for a long time. I still mourning over losing my best friend. The day he died I lost a part of myself and his death changed me. It made me realize to cherish everyone moment with someone because, it might be the last moment to share with them. No one is every forgotten, we forever have them in our hearts.
Importance of Culture on Death and Dying Cultures have developed ways to help cope with death. It may be a respectful manner or a grieving manner. All cultures are different, many practice there own beliefs and rituals when it comes to death and dying. The importance of a culture is to have the structure and support to prepare for a death properly and to grant the right burial, and after death services. Cultures range differently throughout the United

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