Analysis Of Hospice: End Of Life Care

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Hospice: End of life care If I were going to be put into hospice, I would have to make some considerations. I remember how my mother in law was treated when she was in hospice. And I would like to have some of the same care. If I was dying and needed to be put in hospice, I would want to get the best care I can and I would not want to make my family suffer. For this paper, I am going to pretend that I am dying and am being put into hospice. The first consideration would be would I be reasonably pain free? So I could spend time with my loved ones while I am still around. I would consider this an essential need. The second essential need would be what the quality of care I am receiving is and would I leave behind a burden for my family. Then I would want to have my beliefs respected as well as being treated with respect as a human being. And finally I would like there to be an option for holistic …show more content…
I like how they embrace death as a part of life and look forward to going to Varanasi, to die and go to heaven. This city has been where devout Hindus have come to die for 3,000 years (Films Media Group). Our society also does cremation but cremation has a different meaning to Hindu culture. Manikarnika Ghat is located in the center of the city and this crematorium has “been around for thousands of years” (Films Media group). Not only do they cremate in the city but also pilgrims come to pay homage to the gods. Their hospices are different there as well. There is no cost and the families take care of the person dying. The hospices run on donations and the dying can hear chanting of the names of the gods all day long. Also they don’t make an effort to make the life last longer by medications. There are no machines and they seem to be comforted and not fear death. The families celebrate both the sadness and joy of their loved one passing on to heaven, because they love their family

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