Life Is A Struggle It Has Its Good Days And Its Bad Days Essay

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Life is a struggle it has its good days and its bad days but there are some days that are just awful which make you lose you’re on humanity, and just find new ways to make you forget so you don’t have to relieve those memories. On those days, you felt like I was surrounded by darkness most of my life it was like the world had engulfed me into this type of abyss disconnected from society and manipulated and corrupted by evil deeds from people I thought were friend people I had considered to be my family. There were many moments where I questioned my life and there were also moments I had lost all hoped I had wished I was gone never to be heard or seen again and wondered if I would ever be missed or remembered by anyone.
I grew up in the West Side of Chicago. My neighborhood is Pilsen and I have been living there since I was born and I for a long time I thought my life would have ended early in this same neighborhood. My brothers and I had a strong connection we always protected each other from our parents and we would always hang out, watch movies, eat, play, and do these amazing activities but little did I know that relationship would start fading. My dad work in a factory working 9 hours a day building furniture in a factory not too far from where we live. I remember he would be home by the time when came from school and he would look exhausted and depressed my mother would always try to comfort him and it usually work but there were times he would get mad he would take it…

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