Life As A Narrative Is Defined As Being A Written Or Spoken Account Of Connected Events

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A “narrative” is defined as being a “written or spoken account of connected events” (“Narrative”). Narratives can take many forms. For instance, in english class many of the short stories we read are narratives. However, a movie, a television show or a song, could also be a narrative. Even our lives can be considered our own personal narratives in which we are the writer, the main character and often times the reader.
“Life as a Narrative” demonstrates how certain events, both minor and major, can alter the course of the story. In our own life narratives we are the main character but in another person’s narrative we may be just a guest appearance in a particular episode of their life (Gobodo-Madikizela and van der Merwe 4). This effects the way we historicize. A historical trauma, like the loss of a loved one, can carry huge weight for the family that was affected directly and it can cause their lives to take a different shape(Gobodo-Madikizela and van der Merwe 11). However within that family all of the individuals will experience that loss differently. This can also occur on a larger scale. When wars take place the event is upsetting world wide. In which case the event would become part of history internationally and also individually for the people who were directly affected.
The outside text I used is a Song covered by Darius Rucker called “Wagon Wheel.” The song was originally written by Bob Dylan and finished by Old Crow Medicine Show (Talbott par 6). The Darius…

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