Hillary Rodham Clinton's Early Life

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Hillary Rodham Clinton Life Hillary Rodham Clinton had been through a lot of things during her early childhood. She always been active in school and always making the honor rolls. She really have a tough dad in her life and really are strict on her. During her life there had been some changes in her life and who she really became who she was. In the paper it will going to talk about her early life, education details, career highlights and personal life highlights.

Early Life Hillary Rodham’s childhood wasn’t so great she been through something’s. Hillary Diane was born on October 26, 1947. Hillary parents are tough on her and making sure is have enough education to purse her dreams. The life style Hillary is living in is kind of a boot
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Later, in their life they start having problems. The Clintons had felt they was living in a hole. So when they move into the White House, they hire many maids, housekeepers, etc. to help them out while they were living there. They have a schedule to follow every day in order to get the stuff done. In the year of 1993 they are falling behind of laptops and cell phones. Which means they were having some problems and really don’t know how to fix it. Consider with their health care they want to have a system of universal health care. By the time Hilary father had pass away in April, it was the rough time for her. She have to do something about him and trying to the health care papers. At that time it was hard and she didn’t know what to do around that time. On April 30 Bill and Hillary gave thanks to every member of the white house for helping them out. Later on in Hillary life she had gotten mad at her husband’s aides. Later on in her life she had to do a speech with some polishing by her aides which she wrote by herself. After Hillary and Bill got into the White House they were changing some of the systems, which are include funding for guaranteed job training, and child care to help recipients as they went back to work. It was weird of how they came and changing some of the systems and figure if it was the right thing to do. Hillary Clinton had been to court in her life time. She had lawyers that was preparing …show more content…
It seems that she been through a lot of different types situations that I didn’t even know she had been through. After I done this research paper it had open my eyes and I learn a lot about her that I didn’t even know before. It was so amazed about her child hood, career pathway, education, and even her important personal life. I couldn’t realize that Hillary had a rough life style. I need to start doing more research on other people and knowing what they are getting involved because it might affect me, my friends, or even my family one

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