Liberty and Political Liberalism Essay examples

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Liberty and Political Liberalism

William D. Towah

Liberty and Political Liberalism

The Relationship between the Concepts of Liberty and Political Liberalism
In his publication: “The Equality Trust”, Goddard, J. (2013) discussed that liberty as defined by many to mean the ability of an individual to carry out his/her will without any active obstruction or impediment from any persons is narrowed and, therefore, flawed. He proposed that liberty should rather be viewed as the “absence of relationship domination and dependence between persons – regardless of whether any actual interference takes place” (para. 1). According to him once this broader view is keenly considered, the comparability between liberty and equality becomes
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There exist further debates on the protecting of the natural rights or human rights of individuals in liberal societies as relates the freedom of sexual intimacy between gays and lesbians. Oppositions to political liberalism are of the view that, for governments to truly or absolutely protect the rights of citizens, the rights and liberty of minorities such us the homosexuals must be adequately protected by law (Gale Encyclopedia of US History)
The Relationship between Liberty and Freedom
Freedom is seen as the ability of a person to perform his/her desires without any form of obstacle and in exercising this free will ensure that his/her actions do not have any adverse effect on others. Liberty in contrast is the ability of an individual to exercise his/her free will without any restriction by law or by an authority. Both liberty and Freedom are quite used synonymously but theorists have time and again demystified the comparisons that put the two together. It is understood that, Liberty allows a citizen to write, speak and to criticize in anyway necessary without any form of contempt to a law. In other case Freedom permits an individual to work, build house, celebrate an event, attend to whatever occasions so far as it does not infringe on the right of others. Moreover, other scholars do not find a distinction between liberty and freedom, and argued that the two have the same linguistic root. There is just one word in either Latin “liberté” or

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