Differences Between Liberalism And Conservatism

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Johnson Shibu John
PLSI 200
December 18, 2016
Question 3 From the beginning of the American politics, there have been different explanations on the conservative views and the liberal views. It is very easy to identify the difference between them by just looking their stance on the subjects like healthcare, tax, immigration, education etc. But the basic difference between them is the ideas about the role of government in the country. Both liberalism and conservatism, an essential concept in politics, had changed over the years but the fundamental ideas remained the same [1]. Conservatism is the philosophy that retains the traditional American value and believes in a limited government but individual freedom, while, liberalism is built upon the concepts of liberty, equal opportunities and equal rights to all, which I believe, is more logical. There is a lot of philosophical disagreement between the liberals and the conservatives, which makes it hard to explain to someone with little knowledge on American politics. Conservatives mainly believe in ideas such us individual freedom, Laissez faire, personal responsibility and conserving traditional American values [2]. They want to have a government with fewer roles in the society because
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As I said earlier, in current American politics, this reflects both the major parties in the country; the Democrats and the Republicans. But, it does not mean that every Democrat is a liberal and every Republican is conservative. Both of these philosophies have its pros and cons. But, in my personal opinion, I would say that liberalism or a liberal government would be better for the nation, because they support civil and fundamental rights, and take more policies that are fair and just to the citizens as well as not harmful to the

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